We focus on imparting relaxation and relieving stress

Why an art workshop?

-It infuses to craft and correspond in fresh new ways

-Its an effective communication tool and brings people together

-Its stress reduction & fun activity

-Enhance creative problem solving

-Improve an individual’s self-esteem and motivation

-Each participating individual ends up with a piece of art which he or she will love it

It is becoming increasing recognized that the skills required to cope with this rapidly changing, complex world of business can be acquired through the “Creative Arts”.

The workshops, set in an informal relaxing environment in your premises/office are customized to suit the requirements of your organization

This workshop will be a series of two to three hour session in which materials will be explored and a guided artistic process will be shown to encourage right brain thinking in individuals

Few workshop options for you to explore :

-T-shirt painting

-Abstract canvas art

-Fluid art

-Finger painting

-Mandala on pottery

We can customize a session according to your preference as well

For a detailed discussion on how we can customize an art workshop for your team

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Resin Clock And Coasters


Organza Painting


Fabric Painting Cocktail


Resin Beach & Creatures




Fabric Painting Cocktail


Resin Clock And Coasters




Organza Painting


Resin Beach & Creatures




A great way to have a social outing with your pals

Join your people over cocktails and appetizers while creating a painting from start to finish, what more your want !

This is a fun interactive session for parties, birthdays, and catching up with friends & colleagues in an informal manner. These can be organized at your premises/event or in a café & online as well

We can ship our paint kits to your guest’s individual homes for online parties. We can also ship out a bulk order of curated kits to one location like an office, apartment for you to disperse to your guests on your own.

Few Workshop options for you to explore :

-T-shirt painting

-Abstract canvas art/fluid art

-Resin art

-Mandala on pottery

-Alcohol Ink art

-Vass painting

-Cement art

-Clay work

Our prices include art materials along with shipping, up to 2 hours of painting instruction. This is a great way to socialize and unwind with your family members, friends, and coworkers.
Fee for our paint parties per person starts from rs 1500/- (per person with material kits) onwards (depending upon the artform)

If you’d like to book your paint party with us, please connect at 9549146146 or fill out the contact form on our website below.
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We’d be happy to help you out with any questions or concerns over a call, we look forward to painting with you soon!